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Hi! I've applied at Clark College in Vancouver for the October 1st deadline. I was just wondering if anyone else did? :yeah:... Read More

  1. by   future_anesthetist
    I'm really enjoying my time so far. However, ive been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past 4 weeks that has consisted of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, excited, scared, and even once doubting myself on becoming a nurse! So I don't really have an easy way to explain it.

    Just really work hard and stay up on reading. That'll kill ya. Overall, it's pretty awesome!!
  2. by   gypsywillow
    hi! ok - so the roller coaster thing - me too!!!
    these last few weeks have been tough! but i've been having a lot of fun - i especially thought the skittles project was cool! taste the rainbow! lol!!
    but, yes, VERY STRESSED AND TIRED!! I came home from clinical yesterday and fell asleep around 5:00 and slept until about 11 this morning!
  3. by   future_anesthetist
    Haha wow! I wouldn't have been able to get outta bed! I've been getting about 4 hours of sleep a night for the past month I suppose nursing school will tend to force that on a person! I don't know what I'd do if I didn't quit my job!
  4. by   wannabenurse14
    Hello everyone, I am a pre-nursing student with plans of applying to nursing school April 1, 2012. I have a few "pre-req" to get out of the way. Do any one of you know anything about the A&P Summer session at PSU???? I plan to take my A&P via PSU, but would like some more info. Thanks!
  5. by   gypsywillow
    I don't know about PSU. I took my A&P at Mt. Hood. Good luck!!
  6. by   wannabenurse14
    Quote from gypsywillow
    I don't know about PSU. I took my A&P at Mt. Hood. Good luck!!

  7. by   SushiOConnor
    Is there anyone out there who's applied to Clark for Fall 2012, or the Winter/Spring sessions? I applied for the April 1st deadline (for Winter 2013). I think I had 40 points. Too bad they don't let you get points for the english pre-reqs if you already have a BS... Anyways, just seeing if there are any others on AN waiting for more word from Clark.
  8. by   missmichelle
    I applied for the April 1st deadline. I was missing one prerequisite that I thought I had so I got bumped down from 46 points to 41. I'm not too confident that I will get an interview because the minumin points have been pretty high the last few semesters.
  9. by   SushiOConnor
    Well I just took a closer look at my points and I got 41 points for Clark. If I don't get in anywhere this time around I'll take English 101 (or whatever it is at Clark) again just to get the additional 5 points (I expect to get an "A") for the next October 1st deadline. I also don't feel confident about getting in for this past April 1st deadline with just 41 points. It seems like the Fall and Spring applicants get in with a little lowe points...
  10. by   SushiOConnor
    YAY! I got into Clark! Now I must decided between PCC and Clark. I have heard many good things about Clark, and nothing bad so far but I have many questions still because it's a pretty big decision.
  11. by   ROBERT5082
    I am hijakcing this thread. I was wondering if anyone else is applying to the OCT 1st deadline and if so how many points do you all have. I only have 38 so its a bit on the low side, 3.6 GPA though (which they don't take into consideration).

  12. by   purpleSG
    Wait does clark interview? I thought its based on just points for grades, residency, and prior degrees...
  13. by   Han Moe
    did you choose PCC or Clark college?