Applying for Skagit Valley Fall 2018

  1. Really anxious to get in to Skagit Valley for this fall.
    Applying with 95 points, anyone else? Also what TEAS score are you applying with??
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  3. by   sirI
    Welcome to allnurses, miixedmusiic

    Good luck with being accepted to Skagit Valley!
  4. by   RNhopeful1389
    I am nervous as well. I think the TEAS scores are all pretty high this quarter from people I have talked to. I am going in with a 95 as well. I applied 2016 with a 91.5 and did not get in.
  5. by   elsims
    I'm applying for Fall quarter with 97.67 points (do they do the decimal??). I got a 93.3 on the TEAS. I'm crossing my fingers!! Do you think they will send out letters in August?
  6. by   AxelNewRN86
    Hi I am a recent grad from there. It changes every year and I heard that sometimes its slightly easier to get in in the spring with the teas. But thats not always true. I think my overall score when I got in a couple years ago was 93.

    Also, just because you get in does not make it easy. A good amount of people struggle every quarter and its not a rare thing to fail by a point.
  7. by   CT2018
    Hi! I am also applying for Fall 2018. I am applying with 95.71 points. I am also nervous and worried that it will be very competitive.

    I believe they send it out at the end of July.
  8. by   elsims
    I just received my letter today! I got in!! I'm so excited!
  9. by   clraj
    Hey Everyone!

    I received my letter today and I have been accepted! I'm so happy! I'm excited to meet everyone else at the meeting!
  10. by   anekber
    I opened up my letter this morning after letting it sit on the counter for an hour. As soon as I saw "Congratulations" tears filled my eyes and I was bawling like a baby. Woohoo, I'm goin' shoppin' for some cute red scrubs! Looking forward to meeting everyone on the 9th!
  11. by   standup_sitdown
    I got my acceptance letter as well. I can't remember what my overall score was but my GPA was around 3.5, science GPA over 3.75, and TEAS about 96. Anyone else coming from Whidbey Island?
  12. by   anekber
    There is a FB group for students starting the RN program Fall quarter 2018. Five members so far, come join us on FB at "Skagit Valley College RN Program Fall 2018"

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