Which Lpn School Is Better?

  1. Hello All,

    I am considering attending an LPN program in DC but I really need a good recommendation from graduates, current students, and past students for the following programs:

    JC Inc.

    Comprehensive Health Care Academy


    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   Vinaya123
    My best freinds mom (BFM) DR. Desu teaches the PN program there and she said upon graduation you can take the NPLEX in any state.

    Comprehensive is in a bad neighbhorhood I am told and a waste of time and money. My BFM told me that students fail in this school due to poor instructors.

    JC INC-- I applied there and still waiting addmission status--- was told by my best friends mom that you can only take the Nplex for DC and it is not transferrable to any other state. there classes begin december 18

    However radians whose classes begin Jan 2 are taking test right now. tuesday at 5pm and fridays at 8am. She taught here as well. and said this is the best private schools out of them all.
  4. by   teeman2
    Thanks for the detail reply. I have visited all the schools except Radian. I am leaning towards Compreshensive but it looks like I will have to do more research. Thanks again
  5. by   Vinaya123
    testing has already begun for all schools if you want to get in got janurary.
    dont pick cpmprehensive it is a crappy school. I went there and it looked like ghost town with druggys and alcoholics. I wouldnt go there. VMT has a poor passing rate. I know cause my best friends mom is an instructor at UDC. She worked at radians before UDC and she told me the inside scoop on what really each school is about.

    The best school is Radians of all of them. JC is easy to get into. They accept everyone. you just have to pass the exam or show them college credits of either college level a&p or pharmacology or both ( I showed them a&P). But still am waiting for my acceptance letter. The lady at the school told me If you pass or if they accept your credits you are in. You should apply to JC NOW cause decsions are mailed in Nov for JC. I dont know if they will have another test though. Try and call them.

    Radians you can take tests every tues @5p or Fridays @9am.
    the test is 3 hours long. I know cause I took it 2 weeks ago. It is nothing like those pre extrance nursing practice exam books found in the library. Every thing is all medical related. The passages were all anatomy and bio stuff. The analogies, spelling, and sentence corrections were mostly medical terminologies or related. they may have been a few non med questions.

    math was simple plus and minus. the first 20 I will say was like "123+342=", "1.2345+1.2343=", "0.23/5" "23.56*12.34" then they were some + and -, x and / fractions. also which fraction is bigger 2/3 or 7/5. last 2-6 questions were conversions like oz into lbs or mm into lt. something like that.

    reading had 40
    math had 50
    verbal had 60
    an hour for each section

    results for radians is mailed 3 weeks after the exam is taken cause some outside guys admin the exam then mail it back to the school. then once the school gets those exams they mail it to us.
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  6. by   teeman2
    So which school did you get into? I am now in Comprehensive Health Academy. It seems to me that they re all out for the money. We are taking the first class but it is tough. A & P. Any study suggestion?
  7. by   simplykpb
    teeman, how is comprehensive, i am thinking of taking the exam this week