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    I'm hoping someone can clarify what I'm reading online about public transportation to/from WHC. I am starting a job in the ICU there in a week and a half. I just moved to DC and thought I would have a car but now it looks like I won't. The hospital's website is a bit confusing when it comes to public transportation. How easy is it to get to/from the hospital via the metro or bus system? I am living in NW DC in the mount Vernon triangle area. Does the shuttle bus at WHC go to/from both metro stations (Brookland and Columbia?)? Also what about on the weekends? Please let me know!!

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    Hi! Welcome to DC! So the shuttles only run M-F. It is free and picks you up/drops you off right outside the main entrance to the hospital. Many people use it and then utilize Uber/Lyft on the weekend. You can take your Mt Vernon Sq metro to either Columbia Heights or Brookland-CUA metro stations where the shuttle will meet you and take you to the hospital. Just quickly looking at the metro map you will want to do the Mt Vernon Sq to Columbia Heights route as it will be much easier and faster. To get to work you will just hop on the green line "towards greenbelt" and go 2 stops to get to Columbia Heights. To get home you would get on the green line "towards branch" and go 2 stops to get back to Mt Vernon Sq.

    Here's a helpful guide on how to ride the metro...I know it was confusing for me when we first moved here: Navigating Washington, DC’s Metro System | Metro Map & More

    Here's a list of times for shuttle pick ups: Metro Shuttle Schedule - MedStar Washington Hospital Center

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    Thank you SO much. This makes me feel better about not having a car. I appreciate the information!!!