Relocating in Summer 2010

  1. I am relocating to the Washington DC/NoVa area from Scottsdale AZ in Summer 2010.
    I currently work as a Telemetry Nurse, RN-BSN and will most likely stay in that genre.

    Wondering what the average nursing patient ratio looks like in an acute hospitals in that area.
    My floor is a 4:1, and we are also a Step-Down ICU floor, that take ventilators and trachs. So, we get the really sick. Lots of CABG's, pacers, and caths. Wondering what the tele scene looks like out on the East.
    Also, any places that are great or places to avoid. Looking for something off the metro, as we will be living in the Alexandria, VA area.

    Any advice, tips, etc are greatly appreciated! It's a whole new ballgame for me!
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  3. by   1john4:10
    I work at George Washington University Hospital. I work on a general medicine unit, and the ratio is 6:1. However, if we don't have a tech, its 4:1 or 5:1. I have not been happy with my unit...The ratio and the frequently absent techs being some of the primary reasons. We usually have several pts on telemetry, but they're primary diagnosis isn't heart related.

    With that said, I think the other units are better. We have a Cardiac unit and the ratio is 4:1, maybe sometimes 5:1.

    As far as the metro goes, the stop is literally right next to the front door, and they also give an extra 80$ for transportation. If you live in Alexandria, your commute will be a breeze.

    Just from hearing people talk, Washington Hospital Center has lower pt ratios. And they're about 7 minutes from a metro stop.

    Hope you find a good hospital!
  4. by   boisern84

    I am a tele nurse at Howard university but I have also worked at Georgetown the Telemetry scene is pretty good. I usually have 3-4 pts sometimes a tech sometimes not but overall, I have pretty quite nights.