Questions for Current or Previous WHC residents

  1. I will be starting the residency program at WHC this October and was hoping to get a little info from anyone who has already completed or began the program

    First, what is the schedule of the program like? Not as in shifts, days/week- i know that much.. but how long until you are placed on your floor, given your own patients, how often are you in the classroom, do you have projects similar to things you may have done in school, etc.

    Also, what is expected of you right off the bat- like are they constantly asking you questions/quizzing you or are they more teaching/orienting you or both?

    Any/all information would help- ive been out of school for a little while and trying to motivate myself to review some material that I haven't looked at in awhile so please give as much advice as you can so I can get a better feel for what will be expected of me!

    And finally- are you/did you enjoy the program and did you feel like you had a good relationship with other people on the floor, other residents, and your mentors?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   PolaBar
    I think the new grad program lasts a year or so. (I started in April, the last organized meeting is next February).

    There are times we're in small groups and discuss things we like and dislike about our new positions. Questions are answered.

    The first week and a half for us involved 1 "hospital orientation" (presentations, slides, speakers), at least one other presentation day. We also had a scheduled time to learn the computerized charting systems. There was a day dedicated to 'skills' (learning how to use the IV pumps and do blood transfusions - kinda like skill days I remember from school). There is a day for learning telemetry (the test will be 2 or so weeks later). So, the first 7 days (M-F, M, T) were 6 "classroom" days, and one day on your unit to shadow.

    After that, we were hooked up with a preceptor (generally one, but depending on the units, it could be more). We would do the shifts of the preceptor. The floor orientation is about 12 weeks long. I think that system has changed a little bit since I started.

    For the first month, we had weekly classes (learning modules, etc). After the first month or two, the classes drop to once a month. Right now we're learning about nursing research. So, we've got journal articles and are (in small groups) working towards an evidence based practice sort of project .