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  1. Good day citizens of America. I am an Internationally Educated Nurse, and I have received my license from the state of Washington DC by means of examination. It was a great feeling to have passed the state licensure exam, however I still cannot use my license since I am still here in the Philippines. It may take years before I will be able to go to the US and work as a nurse and my license is about to expire soon. I would like to hear from those who know how the Paid inactive status goes in terms of renewing my license. Is this the best possible way or should I continue renewing my license and have all those continuing education as a part of the requirement? Any advise from anyone would be great.Thank you in advance.
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    Just let it go and use the same info you used when you first got it. The US is trying to hire equally from different countries so this is a disadvantage to nurses from countries who have more schools and graduates than jobs (meaning they educate solely for export). Getting a job once a foreign grad gets here will be more difficult now given the native job shortage and jobs going overseas as it is in other industries.
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    Thanks for responding, but what do you mean by your first sentence?Just let it go and use the same info...I do not have any problem with regards to being employed in the US since I already have an employer and a petition is already being done for me. I just have an issue with regards to keeping my license whether active or inactive. I hope you would clarify what you meant with your first statement. Thanks again.
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    What that statement means is to just let your license lapse or expire. Most BON's automatically place a license on inactive status when not renewed by the licensed professional. There is a fee you later have to pay to re-activate the license. It is actually quite odd that DC has a "Paid Inactive Status".

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