MedStar Montgomery Pay

  1. Hello, does anyone know the starting pay for new grads at MedStar Montgomery or any information about the facility. Thank you
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  3. by   roxiroxmysox
    I know that it is pretty difficult to get a job as a new grad there.... I wanted to work there initially but unless you already work as a tech or something there, they aren't interested. That's what I was told.
  4. by   chineye
    Really? I received an interview offer and pay was not discussed. Do you know of new grad programs with good pay ?
  5. by   roxiroxmysox
    That's surprising! Did the job you applied to a new grad position? If you look at their other listings it always says no new grads when I look... Interesting. Are you a BSN or ADN if you don't mind me asking?
  6. by   roxiroxmysox
    Med star is known for having pretty good pay from what I've heard, they just have a reputation for having other issues. But I hope to work for them once I graduate!
  7. by   chineye
    The job is a new grad position. I have my BSN. I'm glad they are known for good pay. What other issues are they known to have?
  8. by   roxiroxmysox
    Job security from what I've heard. But this is word of mouth...
  9. by   chineye
    Just received a job offer with them
  10. by   faithl7
    May I ask what the starting pay was and whether or not you went in to the residency program? Thank you.

    Quote from chineye
    Just received a job offer with them