MedStar Georgetown RN Residency 2015

  1. Hey who else applied to this program? Does anyone know when we will hear back from them? I know all the materials are supposed to be in by November 10th if we get an interview but I haven't heard anything yet.
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  3. by   mnaranja
    I applied! I am still waiting though. Hopefully they will start reaching out soon??? Has anyone else heard back already? None of my classmates have yet.
  4. by   chelsealou
    I haven't heard anything either. I am pretty sure the Nurse Residency posting is no longer open under Job Opportunities, so hopefully that means we will be hearing soon!
  5. by   BSNhopeful88
    I applied as well, and have yet to hear anything. I'm hoping we hear back soon. Are any of you applying to residencies elsewhere in D.C.? I was unsure when to apply to Washington Hospital Center, since their application is always up.
  6. by   mnaranja
    I applied to Washington Hospital Center a while ago since it was up for Feb 2015 already but have yet to hear anything back. I will probably give them a call this week. I spoke with Sibley and they said to look out for RN I positions and the nurse recruiter told me to email her after I apply. INOVA says to apply to graduate programs preferably after you have a license and VHC wants you to apply only after you are licensed as well. I am trying to get in contact with Holy Cross to see what they want you to do. Also, my classmate called GW who said that the positions will go up next month some time.
  7. by   kelseykelsey4
    I only applied to MedStar Georgetown and I'm looking at Children's National. So far their listings are only NICU
  8. by   mnaranja
    I didn't get an interview.
  9. by   ACow
    I got wait listed. I may hear back within the next 10 weeks.
  10. by   mnaranja
    My friend got wait listed too
  11. by   msicuRN0323
    I was contacted to complete their packet! Sent mine in yesterday. Anyone else?!
  12. by   BSNhopeful88
    Congrats! I sent my packet in yesterday, it took a bit for my references to get back. Now the waiting begins...I'm nervous!
  13. by   msicuRN0323
    Congrats to you too! What type of unit are you hoping to interview for? Hopefully we hear back soon since packets were due on Monday
  14. by   chelsealou
    Congrats to you both! I sent in the packet as well. Hopefully we will begin hearing from managers soon! Based on what I've heard from friends who went through this process with Georgetown in the past the nurse recruitment team is fantastic and really on top of things.