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  1. ACow

    Some questions on medsurg

    I currently work the night shift on a med-surg unit and was wondering what the average years of experience was for other med-surg floors.I am the most experience for the night shift on my floor, I have just hit my year this month. The rest have either 9, 6 or 3 months of experience. The acuity of the floor is quite high, we have recieved ICU overflow patients. Makes no sense to me seeing as we do have step down units. It is also a large hospital with almost 1000 beds on the campus I work at. We are constantly having to transfer patients to either a step down or ICU. Most nights it is 5:1 or 6:1 but more often then not I am getting 7:1. And rarely 8:1. It is a 34 bed unit and we run with one tech, even though our numbers qualify for at least 3 techs. We have vitals every four hours and everyone is a diabetic. I find myself struggling with having to do everything for all my patients. The poor tech cannot do everything that is expected of them by morning on their own.I feel unsafe and I don't know if I should stick it out till July/August. Or leave now. Are most med-surg floors like this? I did have an interview, they were aware I wanted to start in August, and said to give them an email when I am back in the area to set up a shadowing, to see if the floor is a good fit (never heard of this before). I wouldn't leave until I know I have a job offer. I would be moving to a different state. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. ACow

    Endorsement Question

    I just recently did this but I was licensed in CT. I first submitted on nursys the information they needed. Submitted online application for endorsement out of state. Sent my transcript. And then took a PA child abuse course. I believe that was it.
  3. ACow

    Arrghhh! I let my PA RN license expire!

    That is probably the greatest news. I would rob a bamk before sitting for that exam.
  4. ACow

    Arrghhh! I let my PA RN license expire!

    You may have to resit the NCLEX. I also have a CT license and I think between 60-90 days if you do not renew it you are required to resit. But call up just incase!
  5. ACow

    Conneticut hospitals and BSNs

    Norwalk hospital requires BSN. I think Stamford hospital does as well but not positive.
  6. ACow

    How Long for CT License?

    I think the time it takes all depends on how well the other state's BON works. I just got my PA license by endorsement from CT and it took less than a month. I heard people from other states trying to get their PA license by endorsement took between 3-6 months. Some states are more ontop of things. I think CA will be one of those states that are very slow on things. I think PA would be more speedy. I hope all the best!
  7. I just got my PA license by endorsement. For the child abuse course I took it online at: https://www.reportabusepa.pitt.edu and they sent it automatically to PA BON. As for background check and fingerprints I did not have to get that done. The hospital I was hired to is completing it though. Have you read through https://www.mylicense.state.pa.us/ for all the information and paperwork needed? I believe you will be applying for "initial license".
  8. ACow

    new grad cleveland clinic interview.

    I will be applying there this week! So nervous
  9. ACow

    Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest

    I believe after the orientation you have to work at least a year before you can jump into the critical care residency. Which unlike the new grad one, you may enter at any point in time. At least that was my impression.
  10. ACow

    MedStar Georgetown RN Residency 2015

    I got wait listed. I may hear back within the next 10 weeks.
  11. ACow

    AL Girl Moving to CT, HELP

    Yale - New Haven I have heard doesn't hire new grads often. I heard they post the residency page when they are ready for the next cohort. Greenwich Hopsital, part of the Yale system, does hire new grads. Stamford Hospital has a nurse residency program along with Middlesex Hospital. Norwalk hospital and St. Vincent's in bridgeport prefer BSN. I believe Bridgeport hospital accepts new grads as well. They are a handful of hospitals with limited jobs, especially for a new grad. If you are going to be in southern CT you can also look into the nurse residency programs and hospitals in NYC but those may be difficult to get a job in as well.
  12. When I first applied to universities I was denied the school of nursing but was accepted as a Health Science Major. After a semester you could transfer into nursing, but they also recommended to wait a year because people don't always have the best grades. And if you don't get accepted the recommend by junior year to apply to the accelerated program. Doing something like this could help you bring up your GPA, taking similar general courses as would the nursing students take, and then see if you can switch into the accelerated program if you want to graduate earlier. Or you can complete the 4 years as a bio major, and then apply to a graduate nursing program, either normal or accelerated. That way you have more credits under your belt to raise your gpa and also have another degree.
  13. ACow

    Cover Letter and Resume Help!

    I just began the job hunt as well! So I don't know how helpful my comments may be. But I did land an interview. One step closer to a job! In my cover letter I had put a little blurb about my professional goal. I know you have how you are planning to get a bachelors but what about when you are done with that? Also maybe add a little more about yourself in a way. If that makes any sense. I explained how I am compassionate in my work and just made some character shine through. Personally, I think your cover letter is good just needs to add some flowers to make it better and stand out among others. I feel a lot of people put words into a cover letter but don't let their human character shine enough. Also, you may have it on the normal copy but it should look like a letter with your contact information at the top and the hosp. information below, and the date. Not sure if it matters but it shows you pay attention to details. As for the resume, do you have a little objective blurb at the top? Like: Seeking a position as a new graduate in the Unit where I can blah, blah blah. Also, maybe add the tasks you did during clinicals, similar to how you have it under the CNA. What makes you so special? Such as: Initiating, interpreting, and assessing EKGs and electronic fetal monitors; blood glucose testing; catheterization; dressing changes; vital signs. I don't think you need to add hours after the clinical rotations? I could be wrong. And I think the "references on request" is a given and just a waste of space. That space could be used for something else! Let me know if any of this doesn't make any sense! And good luck!!!
  14. ACow

    PACU on call

    I was in the PACU for my preceptorship, I loved perioperative care. My only concern with it was what happens if you want to change and go back to a floor? I felt it was its own specialty in which you lose the basic nursing skills (like those lovely foley insertions). Personally I would love to be in the OR, but there are a lot of other stuff I want to do first. I am a new nurse (no job yet) and I would like to know what sick looks like before being in the PACU. A lot of nurses told me I would be pigeon holing myself if I went straight into perioperative care.