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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just got a job offer in D.C. hospital. Yay!! finally... but I have been looking for an apt. to rent and it is impossible. Not only I don't know where to look for.. avg. pricing on apts scares me... thought about commuting from Silver Spring, MD or Arlington VA, but I dont' see any difference in pricing compare to D.C... I don't know if my earning is sufficient enough to pay an enormous rent in D.C... If you guys know any area I could search into, please let me know.... help!!!
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  3. by   MERRYWIDOW46

    I do not know DC exactly, I am closer to Baltimore. Silver Spring and VA are doeable commutes with the DCMetro. Wish I could help more.

    I am happy you have a job. I am sure someone can give you some direction about housing.

    My friend's daughter is a staffer for Congress and has lived in DC since 2001. Currently she lives near the National Zoo. Also, when new to town she lived not far from the Capital and had a couple of roommates. Another friend started out in Georgetown and the area off of Connecticut Ave and Dupont Circle. However, I am clueless about rent and utilities there.

    Good Luck.
  4. by   empathykitty
    Thank you.. I did look around Silver Spring, MD and Virginia..I just don't know how am I going to afford 1500 for 1 bed...
  5. by   malenurz
    Well, there are places you can hire to help you find apartments - but that costs some cash ($500-700).

    I'm a new grad nurse who just moved to DC in the past 2 1/2 months. It was a challenge, but there are places that are somewhat cheaper than $1500/mo for a 1 BR. Please note: DC has an income tax that is higher than all of the surrounding areas (MD-VA)

    I can be of assistance regarding certain neighborhoods, however, it is important to note that most neighborhoods vary wildly - and going 1 block in any direction can make a huge difference.

    Send me a private message on allnurses - with your email address, and I'll help you figure out what to do, if you'd like some help.

    Where are you working and when do you start?

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