Georgetown University Hospital New Grad 2012

  1. Hey everyone,

    is anyone applying or did applied for the new graduate RN program 2012 from Georgetown University Hospital???
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  3. by   MaraBella

    I have... Did you get a reply as of yet?
  4. by   savexpigoo
    hey marabella, no i havent still waiting ~ but the deadline is not until 12/7 so im thinking they wont contact us til after that date. what did u think of the career battery test?
  5. by   Focused&Determined
    I did too. I applied 11/22 and took the battery test later that day. Haven't heard any response as of yet though. I also didn't get to finish the battery test (2 questions from the end!!) but I talked to one of the recruiters and she said that you're not penalized for not completing it....they just go based off your score of what you completed. Fingers crossed! What units are u guys interested in?
  6. by   MaraBella
    @savexpigoo...I really thought the test was going to be med math or something along those lines... It was the first time taking a test of that kind so I was little caught off guard. Im so anxious at this point. @ Focused&Dertermined..I really want to get into the NICU. What about you?
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  7. by   savexpigoo
    Focused&Dertermined: i really want to get into NICU like marabella.
    Marabella: yeah i thought the test was gonna have clinical-related questions but it was more like a personality really nervous too ><

    ill let you guys know if i hear something, reject or accept. good luck!
  8. by   Focused&Determined
    Peds and ED are my perferred choices. As far as the battery test, I knew what to expect from reading these boards, but there really isn't a way to prepare for it. I may have over analyzed on some questions lol. Either way I'll keep u both updated as well!
  9. by   em20
    I applied the day the applications opened, completed the battery the following day, and haven't heard anything yet. I'm hoping they contact those who passed the battery exam/meet their requirements soon after the Dec 7th deadline!
  10. by   LawyerRN2b
    Any ADN prepared nurses apply? Am interested in seeing if Georgetown hires both.
  11. by   em20
    I'm not sure about ADN for sure, but if I remember correctly I think for the new grad program you must be coming from a BSN program.

    Has anybody heard from them yet?
  12. by   lparkins
    whew, i haven't heard from anyone at Georgetown yet either and was starting to worry... keeping my fingers crossed though
  13. by   MaraBella
    No I haven't heard anything back yet.. @LawyerRN2b they do take AND prepared nurses
  14. by   Focused&Determined
    So my application status changed to

    "Thank you for your interest in Georgetown University Hospital. We are currently reviewing your resume. Those candidates whose qualifications most closely match the needs of the department will be contacted directly for an interview. Thank you once again for your interest in Georgetown University Hospital."

    So I'm thinking we'll probably hear something by the end of this week??