DC BON requiring agencies and hospitals to report firings for practice issues

  1. see dc nurse dc nurse - volume 1, number 1 nov 2007

    practice or behavioral issues of concern
    [font=garamond-book]to the board are those issues that can
    [font=garamond-book]impact the safety and welfare of patients.
    [font=garamond-book]issues of clinical incompetence, patient
    [font=garamond-book]abuse, substance abuse and diversion and
    [font=garamond-book]performance of acts outside of one’s legal
    [font=garamond-book]scope of practice are examples of practice
    [font=garamond-book]and behavioral concerns

    [font=garamond-book][font=garamond-boldcondensed][color=#009aff]nurse staffing agencies[font=garamond-book]

    [font=garamond-book]new regulations for nurse staffing
    [font=garamond-book]agencies which operate in the district go
    [font=garamond-book]into effect on january 31, 2008. staffing
    [font=garamond-book]agencies will be required to inform
    [font=garamond-book]the board of nursing when an agency
    [font=garamond-book]nurse has been fired from a temporary
    [font=garamond-book]assignment for practice issues.

    [font=garamond-book][font=garamond-boldcondensed][color=#009aff]health care facilities[font=garamond-book]

    [font=garamond-book]currently, d.c. regulations for hospitals
    [font=garamond-book]require that administrators inform us when
    [font=garamond-book]a nurse is dismissed for practice
    [font=garamond-book]issues. many administrators are unaware
    [font=garamond-book]of this requirement and therefore, this
    [font=garamond-book]information is often not provided to the
    [font=garamond-book]public or the board of nursing. this lack of
    [font=garamond-book]information and inactivity does not serve
    [font=garamond-book]the best interest of the citizens of the
    [font=garamond-book]district of columbia
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