Best zipcode to live in DC

  1. What is the best area (cleanest, safest, most convenient) place to live in DC? Can you tell me the zipcode too?


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  3. by   chaxanmom
    20878! We live in Gaithersburg, MD and love this area. It's close enough to go to DC to museums and such and Montgomery County has it's own cultural life as well. Pricey but not terribly so considering that the whole area is expensive.
  4. by   TheBean
    Are you looking to live in the district? Or are parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland workable for you? Also something to consider are the hours and commute times. Rush hour in DC can turn a 10 mile drive into a 2 hour ordeal.

    20878 isn't bad, but the commute up and down I-270 can be a real bear. Not knocking the North Potomac (but really it's Gaithersburg) area. I grew up in that area and felt safe and nurtured, and had a great public school education too.

    Each zip code has it's own merits and it all comes down to what your priorities are. Also, the cost of living can be drastically different from even street to street within a zip code. If you let us know a little more about them, we can narrow it down better for you
  5. by   nmbuczyn
    I will be relocating to DC for a position at Washington Hospital Center soon...any advice for a good neighborhood with a relatively short commute? I am a female who will be living alone, so I want to be somewhere safe. Also, I would prefer to be somewhere that has a "neighborhood" rather than be surrounded by office buildings. Tall order, I know. PLEASE let me know what you think! Thanks...
  6. by   TheBean
    One of my favorite neighborhoods in DC is Woodley Park. The zip code is 20008. It's where the National Zoo is and is about 3 miles away from WHC. It has very much a neighborhood feel, very pedestrian friendly. It's quieter than Adams Morgan or Dupont - more young families, but still very hip.

    Also, Logan Circle is a very pleasant area to live in. It's 20005. It's also very neighborhood-like, with art galleries, Whole Foods, and a lot of local foot traffic. My friend lives on Church Street there and she loves her neighborhood- she feels very much a part of it and safe.

    Welcome to DC!
  7. by   nmbuczyn
    Someone has recommended Columbia Heights...what's your opinion on that area? Thanks for all the help so far....
  8. by   TheBean
    My friend has a condo in Columbia Heights. She doesn't love it but I think it's fine. She's also a little bit of a princess.

    Columbia Heights in is transition and heading for the better. They're putting in a Target there, which will only improve the area. For a while, if you wanted to do any shopping, even for staples, you would have to leave the neighborhood. If you're ok with a neighborhood in transition, it's a great place. Just bear in mind that it won't be as "pretty" as Dupont, Logan Circle for some time.
  9. by   gwendolyn207
    I think the best zip code in DC is 20016 as it is close to lots of hospitals, grocery store, has highrise older apt buildings,and has many buses and with-in 20 mins from metro.
  10. by   chachi69
    I live in 20008, Northwest DC and it's nice being able to avoid taking highways to work. I cut across town through Rock Creek Park and I get to WHC in about 15 -25 minutes depending on traffic. It's a nice commute.

    You WILL need a car, however. I tried Metro-ing it to work when I first moved to DC one year ago and it really stinks.