Was this career a mistake?

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I had some minor stipulations on my license in Texas and I hadn't finished them. I met and moved to Colorado to be married. I had to transfer the stops there and they added peer assistance to the stipulations in Colorado. I went without working for three months while they figured out what they were going to do with me since they never had something like this. Things got real bad and I ended up breaking it off with my fiancee earlier than the year I had to complete there. I just couldn't afford to live without be able to work, who could? In addition Ialso could not work there because of the stipulations being part of peer assistance so I was labeled with a drug or alcohol problem when the stipulation was due to my disability. . I was told since I could not complete the program, I could relinquish my license in Colorado and move back to complete the remaining portion of my order. I am one evaluation away from finishing it and have been compliant with the original Texas order. Now Colorado's process is to suspend my license for non compliance because I elected to move back to a state that could offer me employment. The license has been relinquished but the suspension was reported to the board in Texas. Is there anything I can do? I never thought the board would look so harsh on a medical illness that is under control. I feel like nursing has been the biggest mistake

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I would seek the advice of a lawyer to take on the board in Texas. Best of luck.

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Wish I had some advice, just want to wish you luck. It's not a mistake if it's what you really want, I hope it all works out.

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