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We're in the process of redesigning our OR, and I suggested that we add a radiant warmer on an overhead boom instead of free standing that way it can stay on until draped and won't get in the way. I googled it at one point and found a company that made one, but now I can't find them! Anyone have overhead mounted radiant warmers in the ORs? Who makes 'em? Thanks so much!

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I hate having stuff on booms. Yes, it keeps things organized, but (at least the ones we have) don't go where we want them to go or take serious maneuvering to get them where we want them. Carts would be so much easier- position where we want when we want. So now that I've ranted about booms, I've never even heard of radiant warmers. We only use underbody gel water hypo/hyperthermia blankets and bair huggers.

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We have all our equipment on booms in our OR and I the then. The never go where you need them to go and somehow, they always seem to be in the way. I would leave the warmer off the boom.


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Never used radiant warmers but I am a proponent of booms, If designed and installed properly, they are great. It sounds like the design and construction teams didn't do their jobs.

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