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Wanting to move to perth


Hey all couple questions. First I am an ADN RN and I am interested in moving to Perth. If read several links but still a bit in the dark. What is the process? Is it difficult? Second part of my question is I am mostly ltc/rehab ended up in it by accident but stayed because I enjoy it. Would I have difficulty finding work in Perth/Western Australia? Thanks in advance

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Several posts in the Nurse Registration discuss APHRA which would be your starting point.


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Aphra is now assessing overseas nursing degrees on equality to Australian nursing degrees. Not sure if 2 year degree is still considered equal to Australian nursing degree, need assessment from AHPRA will be the biggest hurdle and first thing to do.

Agree with above, AHPRA will be the biggest obstacle in moving to Perth. I'm not sure about the job climate in the West, but aged care facilities seem to always be needing nursing staff on my side of the country.

Out of curiosity, what interests you in moving to Perth as opposed to the east coast locations that most international nurses flock to?

All the best with your move!


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Do English nurses qualify as overseas? They did load the Perth and surrounding hospitals, well they did when I was seconded over there for a few months 2 years ago. Just sayin not flammin :)

It is a bit unusual for any someone from the States though.