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Hi all! I was wondering if you could help me, it's like 23:40 and I am sat thinking about my future in Miami Florida! Haha!

Okay, here goes! So I am a UK adult trained nurse at diploma level. I have been qualified for 6years, having experience in day surgery, urology and most recently now in A&E (ER).

I am keen on wanting to move to Florida within the next 3-4years and I am somewhat in the processes of working towards a move there.

I think that I have to be at a degree level which I am commencing next month, top up degree in health and social sciences (nursing pathway, self funded) and I am fully aware that I am to do the NCLEX exam.

Just a few things I am worried about that which I wish to ask

Do I need to have training, evidence, skills of having worked in different areas of nursing such as paeds, mental health and obs (something which UK nursing if not considered as essential once branched off into our chosen areas, e.g. Adult branch) and if so, I currently work in A&E (ER) where I do have a variety of experience with mental health sufferers and other speacialities (if this is an option/considered?).

Is it just the NCLEX course that I am to complete prior wanting to move? What does it entail and is it difficult (what does it cover?)

If I need to be sponsored? I do have family over in Florida so could they sponsor me if so?

Is an additional numeracy and literacy examination required?

should I go through an agency to help with my application?

I hope you can help ease my worries and I have not bombarded you all too much :-s thanks for taking the time out to read and reply :-)


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Work experience has nothing to do with licensure in the US. In order to be eligible for RN licensure in FL, or any US state, you will need to have documentation of classroom and supervised clinical hours (in school, that is) in adult med-surg, pediatrics, OB, and psychiatric nursing. The US trains and licenses all RNs as generalists, which is a different model than the UK uses. Work experience cannot substitute for the formal education.

There are a bunch of threads here about UK nurses pursuing US licensure; you may want to look for them.

I can't speak to your questions about immigration.

Best wishes for your journey!

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Unless immediate family they can not sponsor you plus can take over 10 years for visa to come through.

as mentioned your transcripts have to show both clinical and theory hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult

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You need to have studied and done clinical hours in all areas. Working doesn't count.