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Wanting to get into BCIT

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Hello everyone,

I decided to make this thread because I'm seeking advice and insight! I'm trying to get into BCIT and I'm a little bit worried because one of my elective is a fail. My other electives I managed to get a minimum of 80% in all. Will this fail mark hinder me from getting into the nursing program?

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It might help if you told us what BCIT is.

BCIT is a school ! It's the British Columbia Institute of Technology

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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You might have more luck posting in the Canada forum AND spelling out the name of the school in the title. You'll likely get more response.


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Thread moved to Canada Nursing programs forum.

The minimum grade accepted for the electives is 67% so I don't think you would have a complete application.

Academic Foundations requirement: Completion of 18.0 university credits with a minimum of (67%) in each of the following courses:

  • ENGL 1177 Academic Writing or a first-year transferable English composition course* (3.0 credits)
  • Anatomy & Physiology* - must have been completed within the past 3 years (6.0 credits)
  • PSYC 1101 Introductory Psychology 1 or an equivalent Psychology course* (3.0 credits)
  • General Education [PDF] electives at a 100 level minimum in at least 2 different academic disciplines (6.0 credits)

Thank you for your reply! I will be taking more electives so that I have at least 6.0 credit electives with the minimum 67%

Excellent! BCIT takes into consideration work/volunteer experience as well so even if you don't have the most competitive grades you will still have a shot. Good luck :)

Great! I do have a ton of volunteer and was also community leader at my previous job so hopefully that helps me out a bunch! Thank you for your help!


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