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:confused: Hi Everyone! I am BRAND new to this website! I am not a nurse yet, I am starting school this summer, to start working towards my ultimate goal, and that is to become a Labor & Delivery RN. I am VERY nervous about it because I am single mother of a 3 year old, and I work full time. I want to start out really slow. Does anyone have any advice for me? Any would help me wonders! Thank you so much!!


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First of all WELCOME!! You can do this I went to school with two kids...pregnant with the third. I had a great support system. I had friends in the program that were single mothers. Many schools are now offering a evening/weekend program which is what I did. It may seem like a long road...but just take it one day at a time, and before you know it...it will be over.

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Welcome and know your not alone, nursing school is hard, but it is doable. I went when I was in my 30s with 4 very busy kids at home, one being a baby. I did not have that great support either. I met my best friend in nursing school and she was really my sounding board and gave me all the support I needed.

Just take it one semester at a time. I started out part time and only took 2 classes per semester my 1st year and then went full time. I am happy I eased in slow.

Another tip I have is I would take my 2 little ones to McDonald's or BK's play land and let them run and play for hours while I sat and studied and took advantage of the free refills. I kept note cards in my purse at all times, then when I was at dentist appointments/soccer practice or any other event I could get in a quick study session.

While in the car on long car rides I would have my older children who could read give me questions of my note cards or study guides.

My baby who was 5 when I graduated still calls his knees his patella. We would play the "where is your nose?" game with the correct medical terms.

Every start of semester i would circle the date of the last final on my calendar, when I felt stressed or overwhelmed I would count the days/weeks till that semester was over. I also would periodically just pull up my grades online to show myself, "look you already did this and this and that"

Nursing school will be life consuming. It will change who you are and your family. But it is worth it. I can not describe the pride I felt when I graduated I was actually more proud the day I passed my last final exam than when I passed my boards.

Best of luck---stick with it and keep your eye on the prize.

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When you are working, work. When studying, study. And when you are a Mom be a Mom. As much as possible don't let one interfere with the other (I know easier written then done).

As other have said it is hard but it is doable. One other thing don't quit, it will be worth it in the long run.

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