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Today I saw the post that our moderator Brian put up about a new program in St Kitts.


The school is the International University of Nursing (IUON). It is located on the island of St. Kitts. I was interested so I spent the day on the phone trying to get as much info as I can. The school is a creation of Dr Robert Ross, the same person who founded Ross University of Medicine.

So far the info on the website has all been verifiable.


There are no waitlists. The program is 20 months long. Students do 9 months (3 semesters) in St Kitts and then the rest of the time in one of the US schools. All clincial training is done in the US. Credit is given for LVN degrees and some transfer credit can be given (with transcript evaluation) for some of the non-nursing courses.

You get two ADN degrees, on from IUON and the other from the school in the US where you choose to do your last 2 1/2 semesters. The US schools are all accredited by NLN and BNE, so graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX.

It is pricey around $42k for all 20 months. Students are eligible for Salli-mae loans. International students and Non-US students are welcome and are eligible for loans through Citibank.

For persons who are not US citizens they offer help with obtaining OPT training after graduation and further assistance obtaining visa sponsorship.

They have promised to let me speak to a student or two at the school in St Kitts, which I think should be interesting.

If you are single and can pick up and move for a while, it may be an option.

I will keep you all updated on any info I find.

Wish me luck.


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There is also University of the Virgin Islands. The school is accredited and the students take N-Clex. It looks likes the ADN program is in St. Thomas and the RN-BSN is in St. Croix. A whole lot cheaper than the school in St. Kitts.

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I am single without children and this option is seemingly interesting.

It would be cool to live on a Carribean island for a period of time while studying nursing. I think I'll look further into these schools. :)


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I had seen an ad for UVI in MCN or Lifelines for nursing faculty. My daughter briefly considered it, but she's just 18 and for her it's too far from home. here's a link to the costs, but they are 2003-2004. http://www.uvi.edu/pub-relations/catalog_2003-2004/2_catalog_fast_03.pdf From what I saw at one point, there isn't a big long waiting list. Good luck and don't forget the sunscreen. The costs are on page 34. :)


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I may have to go back to nursing school so i can live in the virgin islands for 2 years , lol!

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