Want to share my 1st week experience in NS...

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Not hard, just a lot to remember and no study guides for tests, which means that we must read everything and comprehend what we read. I read 17 [assigned] chapters BEFORE class even started, so that helped tremendously. So far, the only trouble I am having is finding that darned brachial pulse. Also, between clinicals and class time, we attend both for a total of five days per week.

Okay, I will be back after my semester is over to share and compare.

17 chapters before class? Wow! How many chapters do you cover per test?!

I would check to see if your school offers any supplemental instruction or help with study habits. Our school started off with about that many chapters - actually I think we had 14 before the first class. But, our new SI tables have been a great help in outlining and mapping our chapters.

Sing,Run - the number of chapters will vary each test. Our tests are based around units. Some units have significantly more reading than others.

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