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Want to move into clinic

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In my first nursing job I have been working as a nurse case manager and want to transition into a doctors office. The only med/surg experience I have was as an intern. I learned alot, but the hospital is not for me. I have started volunteering at a free clinic, and I really want to transition into family or internal medicine. How can I get experience or get someone to take a chance on me? I am even willing to do unpaid work.

You might try applying for temp / volunteer work in family or internal medicine as a way to transition into this field...just a thought

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Just a question, why you wanna work in clinic? I work in the clinic like out patient in hospital as Clinical Lead but I got bored now seems like I'm loosing my skills. to be honest i wanna work as case manager LOL :D


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Much of what you do as a clinic nurse will be care coordination - this will only increase. It's not case management per se but - transitions of care as you follow up on hosp discharges and ED visits, working with patients with chronic conditions, contacting pts to get their screenings.

I think of it as gaining and building on skills. Nursing is not about "the tasks" - it's about using your caring brain. Tasks can be relearned if needed.

I'm seeing more and more clinic jobs, in southeastern WI- no need to work unpaid here.

I currently work in a clinic (though this is my last day, going over to the hospital) and I am the lead clinical nurse. I don't touch any referrals and I am very happy about that. Our clinic works a lot with MAs so they do all referral management types things. If you want to try to get in at a clinic, you might try volunteering to teach classes. For example, we do healthy living classes here and I have had several people from the community volunteer to help with it. My clinic is a primary care clinic and we are just minutes from an Indian reservation so we like all the help we can get.

I have been in Neonatal ICU for about 9 yrs. I am so ready to transition out. It seemed like 15+ yrs ago as a medical assistant I could not get a job anywhere because they only wanted degree nurses, now I am a nurse and all the clinics hire medical assistance and occas LVN's. Frustrating to say the least. I really really want M-F,S 8-5 type job. Or I am also trying to take courses for Pedi ER, so I can do Pedi ER but they only want experienced Pedi Nurse's.... WOW! how do they expect for more pedi nurses to be available if they are not willing to take a nurse with yrs of experience in cardiology and Neonatology and train them. HELP..LOL

I started out in a clinic only because of a lack of hospital jobs in my area but we have 3 clinics and do primary and urgent care so I get the best of both worlds but do wish to end up in a hospital eventually.