Want to do M/S, 1 yr psych exp. Resume help?


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Hi everyone, I'm trying to update my resume but I don't know what to put in my resume. After graduating with my BSN, I worked 3 months in home health doing LVN shift duties, and then 1 yr now in psych. I feel like an "old" new grad because I forgot most of what I learned in school. That's why I feel like putting my clinical experiences/sites and hours are a bit inappropriate because it's been 2 years after graduating. Should I still put that? If not, what else should I put? Those are the only 2 jobs I've held.

Updating my resume and the thought of applying scares me and makes me so anxious and depressed. I haven't even been rejected yet! lol. I haven't really interviewed either. The home health actually gave me a legit nursing multiple choice test and made me watch some videos before starting. My psych job interview was a little run-through of how the facility operated and asking me how I found the job & why I'm interested. They basically handed me the job.

Being in psych for 1 yr, I feel I have hit a learning plateau. I work in a small/medium-sized free-standing psych facility where most of the patients are medically stable, all of them are ambulatory, and most are not too severely psychotic. I know how to call MDs for orders now, communicate/work with coworkers, and talk to patients/visitors better. I want to do medsurge to put those technical and medical nursing skills/foundation into practice. I've never had the experiences and practice enough for me to feel like a "real" nurse. I still love psych though, and feel I will eventually come back to it but I'd like to learn more and expand my horizons while I'm young and free/detached. I am also willing to relocate from CA since I have no baggage and would not mind living in a new environment. Is that something I can somehow be indicated when I apply for a job?

Sorry to have deviated, this is basically what I'd like to know, along with what I've bolded above:

What else can I put in my resume? I have my years in school, license/cert dates, work exp, clinical exp (thinking of removing) volunteer exp (also thinking of removing because most recent one was 2 yrs ago)

Feel free to throw in any extra information that is relevant, especially if you've made the move from starting out in psych into another specialty. Thanks! Your knowledge & experiences are appreciated.

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I would keep the volunteer experience and get rid of the clinical experience. Every nursing student has to complete the same clinical hours, so it's silly to include that information on a resume- even for a new grad. I believe that you'll be able to find a med/surg position if you're willing to move (and possibly even in your area). You shouldn't need to state that you're willing to move in your resume. Just applying for the job makes that pretty clear since we know they are not going to bring the job to you. :p

Good luck in your search!

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If you'd consider North Dakota, a couple months back I did some quick looking (for a thread here on AN). They have several level 2 trauma centers, and had dozens of postings--for ED, ICU, L&D even, willing to consider new grad/no hospital experience. Just don't plan on getting your 1 yr so that you can get back and work in CA...I'd plan for a longer term relocation -- not necessarily permanent, but make hiring you worth their while.

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Also sell that psych experience! People w/ psych dx'es get sick, injured, have babies, all that jazz. Your experience is very valuable!

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Thanks everyone for replying! :)

Most of my volunteer experience was not nursing-related though. Should I still keep it? Will doing EKG and ACLS help? Honestly though, having EKG/ACLS is like having a review session for part of my day and then I forget it because I've never applied it. I've done that class before.

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As my NCLEX tutor said, "All psych patients start off as Med-Surg patients." Nearly one quarter of all Americans will suffer from psychiatric issues at some point in their lives. Your psych skills are marketable..you just have to know how to sell them.