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I very much want to pursue Home Health and Hospice Nursing. However, it seems that every job posting for these positions asks for experience in Home Health. How does a newbie break into field to get that ever required experience? Also, I have been working in Blood Banking, Occupational Health, and Dialysis for the last 15 years so do not have "recent" acute care experience. Is there any way for me to get into Home Health/Hospice or am I destined to forever being an outsider?


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I think the best way is to simply apply and interview for a position. I was hired with only experience in labor and delivery, and some doctor office work. In fact, most of the new hires at my agency are new to home health and coming from various backgrounds in nursing. If you really want to make the change I think all you have to do is go for it and apply! Good luck!


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Of all the home health agencies I have worked for only one was picky about who they hired. All the others worked with the applicant who had some experience and two would hire new grads. Just go to the various agencies and apply. Insure that they know that you expect good orientation to your job and to your cases. You might find it easier, especially at first, to start out with shift care rather than intermittent visits. Hope you like hh.


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Our agency hires new grads and people from all sorts of backgrounds - I find it's better to show up in person and talk with the Director of Nursing. Dress to impress and bring all your info (immunizations, cpr, vehicle insurance cards, fingerprint cards etc...) You'd be surprise how people show up at our place expecting a job...One lady even showed up in tank-top, booty shorts, and flip flops and was ticked when we didn't "call her back". Oh brother. Good luck- hope you like it!


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I am a Branch Director/DON. I won't hire a new grad for home care but I will hire someone without recent acute care or home care experience. Home care includes a lot of basic nursing and teaching. Anything else that is done that the nurse hasn't performed can be taught. I base my hiring decision on personality, willingness to learn and prior references. Just because someone is experienced doesn't mean they are the best candidate. I like to give people a chance to try a different field of nursing. I had little acute care experience when I took my first position in Home care and thank goodness they gave me the chance. It saved me from getting out of nursing all together.


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I am just curious, since you are a DON I figure I could ask you this.... Would you hire a new grad nurse that has 6 months experience in the Operating Room to work in Home Health? I have heard of people starting with no experience at all.

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