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Hello fellow nurses,

I have realized within recent months that I truly have a desire to get out of bedside nursing.:no: I currently am in ICU--I have been doing that for 2+years and Oncology for 5 years. I just don't feel that I have the passion and drive for it when I was younger and when I first started. I am 29. I find myself just wanting to stay home or in bed opposed to going to work. I thought am I depressed? Am I burned out?? :sniff:I don't believe I am burned out because I have started a new job.:scrying:

My idea position would require traveling in and out of state, I am even willing to relocate. I would like to do something behind the scenes that makes a difference on the frontline.:coollook: I would love to work for Joint Commision or the CDC. I do not know how to get positions like these. I am so frustrated.:banghead:

I feel that nurses at the bedside regardless of what department do not get the credit that is due to them. We work hard, countless hours on our feet, saving lives and putting up with egregious temperments from the docs, all the while giving that ever so loving smile.:eek: YUCK!! I want to scream sometimes.

I feel in life it is important to follow your passion or your dream. I thought maybe traveling nursing would be the answer. I haven't tried it yet. All I know is i want to travel and get away from the bedside in my career.

I have my BSN but quite frankly I don't see where that makes a difference.:yawn:

I have been praying about this and still unsure of what to do.....:saint:

Suggestions anyone???


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With your BSN you could probably find a research rn position. Have you considered going back to school? You are just 2-3 short years away from your masters. You could do teaching, mgmt, NP, CRNA.

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