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I am currently in the very early stages of going to school to be a nurse. I have about 1 year left of the general classes before I start the nursing classes. That (of course you know) will take about 2 years. After I become an RN I want to do something with women's health. Ever since I had my son I have been so interested in pregnancy and birth and all of that. My questions is that I at first wanted to be a CNM, but then I was hearing that it is very hard to find a stable, steady job as a CNM (at least where I'm from, the Chicago area). So how about a Nurse Practitioner? Is there a field I could get into being a Nurse Practitioner in either women care or pediatrics? I would prefer to become a CNM. Could someone give me information on what the pay scale is and where the best place is to get a good job? Are CNM's respected in the health care field by doctors and such? Any info would be great! Thanks!


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Where I work, NPs do not go into the obstetric business. It's the arena of the CNM, OB or lay or certified Midwife. NPs do family practice. pediatrics and neonatology mostly, but I think due to insurance concerns, just do not deliver babies around here. (this is in the Seattle/Tacoma area). I am NOT saying NPs do not do this, just not where I have worked. CNMs are very respected where I work....but work for them isnot always so plentiful and in some places, MD's squeeze them out by refusing to back them -----it's not uncommon. Check carefully the opportunities in YOUR area to see if this is a smart move for you--and if you will have ample opportunities to work. Depending on where you are, it can be TOUGH to get work and even tougher to get M.D. backup.


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There is also such a thing as a 'women's health NP', if you would like to be in the field but not deliver babies.

Generally, I would think that you'd have to be open to moving if you plan on CNM - but as Smilingblueyes wrote, it really varies a lot from area to area. I am in a small town where CNM's are being effectively kept out right now. Most of the larger towns (1.5 hours from me) do use them, though. CNM deliveries have generally increased in the last 20 years or so, although there are always the problems with liability, backup, etc. etc.

Personally I don't get the whole thing between docs vs midwives, but whatever... I guess I just can't worry about it too much or I'll make myself crazy since I plan on becomming a CNM.

I have an OB friend that was like "yeah! use midwives for normal deliveries and just call me if something goes wrong... sounds good to me!" (and she had worked w/ CNM's in residency as well). So opinions definitely vary :)

I usually see CNM jobs starting around $50k, probably a little more in high cost areas.

You may find more helpful info at http://www.ACNM.org if you haven't looked around there yet.

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