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Does anyone know if the wanderguard bracelet can affect a pacemaker in a negative way? A co-worker says she read something somewhere that says you shouldn't use the wanderguard on a person with a pacemaker, something about the magnet can disrupt the function of the pacemaker. I have searched the net with no results. Any help would be appreciated.


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You're right, there's not much info on the wanderguard technology ... but thanks for raising that issue.

I would assume it would be the same principle as with security devices used in department stores (a magnetic thingamajig). For which case magnets (of this intensity anyway) should not be placed 6 inches near the pacemaker. It "may" cause interference but not a fatal malfunction. The pacemaker resumes normal activity after the magnet source is removed. If the resident sleeps with his hand (with the wanderguard) resting on his chest all night :eek: .... that could be a problem???

Anyhow, this pacemaker site have some info on gadgets which may or may not cause interference. Hmmm, I always thought microwave ovens do...


It depends on how strong the magnet is I suppose.Can you put the Wander Gaurd on the pts. ankle?


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we have tried doing that, but it seems the wanderguard doesn't work but about half the time on the ankle, we have put them on walkers before and as long is it is somewhere above the waist we do not have much problems. Which gives me an idea, I guess we could put it on the w/c? Thanks for the above link talino, it was helpfull. I thiunk I am going to mention this to our infection control/saftey RN to see if she can dig into it some more. This is bugging me becuase we have a 104 yr old lady who wears one with a pacemaker, and the sleeping with it is what I guess irks me the most.


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There is a wanderguard device that I worked with when we first got it put in. I was reading the Manufacturer information about it and had a sample policy to use- it specifically said the device should be worn on the ankle and not the wrist. It didn't say why though. After reading that I always put them on the ankles- you could be up for liability if you're not following the manufacterers directions. Try calling the company and get some information about your system . That might have hat you're lookng for.


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Well I emailed the company, and received an email asking what country I was from, I replied and still have no answer. We looked through some stuff at work and found nothing, I am starting to wonder if the effect of this system was even tested with pacemakers?


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Where I work we have a locked behavior management unit and residents do have care trak's, if that's the same as a wander guard, it has no adverse affects on residents with pacemakers thus far. We put them on the ankles of the resident's. Dont' know if this helps. . . .


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Everywhere I've worked the residents wore them on the ankle. Maybe you need to move the system at the door lower.


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