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Has anyone gone through the walk through temp license process in CA? I am taking an assignment that starts on June 27th and have been unable to speak to anyone at the board in Sacramento. I just want to make sure I have all the required documents so I don't waste their time or mine. Can you get the live scan fingerprinting done on the same day you apply in person and walk away with a temp license? Thanks so much for your help!!!!! :o


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I am also wondering the same thing.... Just starting the process from Massachusetts.


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You can have the live scan done at the Department of Justice that is located quite close to the BON. Just make sure that one of the states where you are licensed now is in the Nursys system, otherwise you will need the form submitted to the BON from your state. Nursys will save you alot of time.

Try to be there when the office opens in the morning, and expect to be out of there with temporary in hand about 1 pm or so.

Quite easy to do................ :)


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As previously stated-make sure you have ALL the required documents!! It is a relatively painless process if you have everything together.

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