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Wake Forest CRNA 2020

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Hey everyone is there anyone else out there applying to Wake Forest for the Fall 2020 start date. I couldn't find a thread for it so here goes. Drop a message and lets share our experiences of the application process. 

WF is one of my absolute favorite schools and would love to get in there, the fact that the program is just 24 months is a huge motivating factor for applying here even though I would end up having to move to NC.  Here are my stats. 

2 years ICU MICU/Trauma/Neuro

3.4 GPA first degree, 3.9 BSN


I precept and serve on some hospital councils. 

What's up with you guys? Why Wake Forest? What are your Stats? Is anyone else applying to the early cycle? would love to hear from you all


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Hello everyone, 

I have also applied for the Spring deadline. I'm really anxious and nervous at the same time. I know this program is probably extremely competitive because it is only 24 months. Wake Forest is a great program, and it is definitely one of my top choices. I have heard nothing but great things from graduates. My GPA is a 3.96 BSN, 4.0 in some MSN courses, and I have my CCRN. My GRE is my weak point at 300. I work as charge nurse, preceptor, and recently asked to be an ACLS and PALS instructor in my community. I have 3 years of ICU experience in CVSU, SICU, and MSICU. I wish everyone the best! Let the waiting begin!

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