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waiting on results - stipulated agreement

as the title says, i am going into a stipulated agreement with the BRN which has delayed the release of my results. I took my test back in April but was recently notified by the BRN that my results would be coming in the mail sometime this week. (I am in CA so that might have to do some thing with this delay that i'm going through)

The reason why I made this thread is because as helpful as allnurses has been for me, there are not that many threads about stipulated agreements and nclex results or the ones that do exist are from a few years back.

To get to the point: graduated may 2015 then did not receive my ATT til some time in dec 2015. Finally took my nclex on 4/21 to be exact.

I have done the PVT trick so i'm hoping its true but i know its just a "trick" so im not totally banking on it.

If there is anyone that is going through a similar predicament as me and has questions or even any advice i would love to talk because its as if its the only way to ease my worries currently lols.

God willing if I pass i'll post it. Thanks everyone for reading this and have an awesome day.

You will get more responses and help under Nursing career advice , Nursing license with criminal history

There is a whole area for nurses in california probation. Use the search tool


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