Waiting 4 months to take NCLEX... is this a good idea?


I am currently working full time, so I figured to make sure I am prepared I would give myself a few months to study!! Anyone out there wait this long... were you sucessful?? ANy input would be great, I keep hearing the sooner you take it the better but I just dont feel ready. Ok Thanks:D


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I graduated in May and just took the NCLEX for the first time yesterday.

I think I passed (if the PV Trick is correct) but I wouldn't advise waiting that long. I felt like I wasn't as good of a test taker after being out of school for so long. If I could do it over again I would have taken it within a month or two of graduation.

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yeah the earliest as possible is the best. they say the more you postpone the more likely you decrease chances of passing the nclex


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To me, the longer you wait to take it, the more content you will need to review. Some of my fellow classmates and I actually talked about this recently. I took it about 39 days after graduation and so much from the last semester was still really fresh in my mind. The grads that waited longer said they spent more hours studying because they felt they needed to review more from the last semester.

Good luck no matter when you decide to take it!


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I took the NCLEX 3 weeks after I graduated, and I passed the first time. I really don't recommend waiting an extended period of time to take the exam, because you do forget what you don't use. Also, study hard, but don't over study. You made it through the program, so that is a good indicator that you are prepared to take and pass the exam. Good luck!