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Hello all,

I applied to Lorain County Community College (LCCC) for their ADN program recently (Spring '11 semester). I have everything but the Sociology credit which I am currently taking online, and after applying to begin clinical studies (I'm a transfer student) realized that I never really got a straight answer on how long it would be until I heard if I was accepted. I know the deadline just recently passed (Sept. 5), so how long am I going to wait now? Any help is appreciated :D !!



I'm also applying to LCCC but I'm trying to get into the access program. Did you hear back from them yet? I was told I have to wait until March, but that's for a fall 11 ' start date. I don't know what to expect from their program, but I just hope I get in.

You are probably looking at a year or so of waiting. They do not take anyone unless ALL of the pre-requisites are completed (not in progress). To give you an idea, I applied September 2009, I completed my last pre-requisite August of 2010, and I have not received my letter yet. They are very backed up. As of January of 2010, there were 600+ on the waiting list, and they only take 120 per semester. It's going to be a while :(

Just to let anyone else know, they have a two year waiting list: FORGET THAT!! I applied to Ursuline and was accepted! I start this Fall. Such a better move in my opinion. Not only will I have a BSN when I graduate, but I also won't have to wait an un-Godly amount of time and forget everything I've learned thus far.

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