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Waiting to hear from HR


I had two interviews last week that went well. The nursing manager was not there, but the nurse house manager was for both interviews. She was very pleased with me, offered me a position, and said she wants me to start Monday if possible. I accepted. She had already spoken to the nurse manager also who has been away for personal reasons. Last I spoke to HR they said they were waiting to hear from "them" (I think the nurse manager who has been absent) to decide 'what to do with me". She also said she would call me as soon as she heard anything.

That was Tuesday. I called today trying to speak to either managers and they were not there. Should I call HR again? I am eager to start my orientation Monday and am worried since I haven't heard anything in a week. Am I worrying over nothing?

Congrats on landing a position. HR no matter where you go is a thorn in the companies side (from every manager I have spoke to). I would give it at least 3 days then give them a call again. I know your anxious and stuff, but this is vacation season so hang in there. If you were offered the position then that is great, in time you will start your position.

If you don't hear from anyone by Wednesday, call HR

At least they indicated they were interested in you. I had an interview over a week ago and haven't received any feedback.

Be thankful someone's actually expressing interest in you.