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For those of you waiting to take the NCLEX, how long did it take to be declared eligible? Is it the BON that clears you to take it or Pearson VUE? I know it is state-dependent and I applied for a NC license. Any one form NC? How long did it take for your paperwork to clear? Thanks guys...I am pretty anxious about it...working on those questions as hard as I can!


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It's the BON who declares your eligibilty to take NCLEX. Once you have your eligibilty from whichever BON you have applied to, you can then go ahead and register with Pearson. You pay $200 to Pearson then they send your ATT for NCLEX. Then you arrange your exam date thru Pearson.

PS : You can actually register with Pearson before you get your eligibility from the BON but why pay $200 any sooner than you need to?

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