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Waiting on BON to review my case


Hi. Has anyone recently had experience with the Mississippi BON in regards to nursing license being placed on restriction?

I self reported to the BON in Feb this year . To make a long story short, I voluntarily went into inpatient rehab for alcohol/prescription drug addition In Nov 2015.. I got scared , left early (at 60 days - should have stayed 90) - did not self report in rehab but did self report after I got home. Since then I have completed an intensive outpatient rehab (3 x week x 10 weeks) , attending AA mtgs- etc.

I call the BON imvestigator about once a month to see where my case is at in the review process and all I get is "we're working on it" . My RN license is still active and I've had a full time job at a dialysis center since August .

I'm very nervous because I know my case is coming up soon .

I feel like leaving rehab early is going to really go against me.

Since then I've been on the right path- just wondering if that will be enough to satisfy the BON.

Any suggestions?


Someone please comment if you've had experience with the BON

Hello mate- I'm at work so this'll have to be brief- are you getting signatures at these meetings you're attending? And you successfully completed outpatient treatment?

I can't really say what the BON will think of you leaving treatment early but I would prepare to answer that question. They will probably want to know why you left treatment , if you relapsed after inpatient, if you've been sober since outpatient.

you may want to request your records from your inpatient treatment center to see what they said about your progress there and about your leaving . Better to know your cards so you can explain them.

I had been sober for 7 years when I went before the board to obtain my RN. They frowned at the fact I never attended a rehab and honestly they came across like that was the only therapy that could possibly help someone. I think you need to be prepared to prove your sobriety and explain to them why you left rehab. Hang in there !

Thank you .. I left an inpatient program after 60 days (a 90 day program) - I was having severe marital problems and I felt my 2 kids needed me at home- it was crazy . I did complete an intensive outpatient program . I'm just praying that and my AA meetings (signed records) will be enough to prove to the BON that I'm staying sober.

I just received my 1 year sobriety coin this past Sunday :-)

I thank God everyday for my sobriety..

Plus I'm currently working at a dialysis center as a RN - they are good about hiring nurses in recovery .

again - thank u. good luck!

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Congratulations on one yeah! Well done. Have you looked back yet and thought "how does anyone even get 30 days?" It gets easier with time and that first year milestone is a big one.

Keep eps on keeping it up and everything will work out fine. I am excited to read about all your progress :)

Thank you :)

I'm praying I've done enough for the board, most of all I'm thankful for my sobriety

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