Waaaa....I need a pick-me-up.


Monday is test day. My first biology test of the semester and I have no idea what to study for. The instructor told us to memorize a ton of images from our text book, be prepared to draw carbon chains, fatty acid chains, etc, and learn a little more 200 definitions. Ugh. I want to poke my eyes out.

She won't indicate what her tests are like (format wise). We have no idea if we just need to learn the labels to the images or learn what the labels mean too. No study guide and no test review either. I feel like I'm drinking water from a fire hose.

I have about 12 pages of typed notes including images to study. And I know I've forgotten a few things.

I smoked Chemistry, Algebra, my little CNA class. Why the heck is this one so hard??



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I'm finishing up a winter term bio class. Our instructor handed 30% of the tests to us on a platter. He posted the fill-in and short answer questions on his web site. He also made the statement that a student who did nothing more than learn the definitions in each chapter could get a C. I would plow through what you have in your 12 pages and make sure you have that down pat for Monday. See how you do on your first test, then you will be able to gauge what you need to adjust. Good luck.



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Thanks caliotter3. The first test is usually the worse but I really don't want to earn a bad grade. I know what I have to do and it looks like there's going to be a couple of really long nights in my future.

Good luck with your bio class and please send positive vibes my way.

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