Because I've been unsuccessful in finding a job at a nursing home I've decided to volunteer at one. I Start next week and really don't know what to expect and the only think I've been told so far is basically I'm going to be a babysitter for the patients that get restless after dinner. I put on my app. that I was a trained CNA without experience hoping it might get me in as a CNA (worth a try right lol) I'm very excited, not only because it'll look good on my resume but also because I'm looking forward to some kind of experience in a LTC.

To anyone who has volunteered at a hospital or a Nursing home, how was your experience? Did you get hired in? or do you think because you volunteered it help you get a job in a Hospital or LTC/SNF else where? :)

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Love my volunteer job in the ER. Really just a lot of cleaning and restocking but love the atmosphere.


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Hi I am volunteering in the rehab area at a LTC in my area and I love it! My job is to clean the equipment and transport the residents to and from therapy. I am also an STNA and I am going to find out how much the STNA's are paid at the facility I am volunteering at and also they are going to be expanding their rehab unit to one big gym instead of 2 within the next year and will need another rehab tech so that is also while I am there. And I am majoring in Occupational Therapy so it is great to see the therapies in action also and interact with the residents and therapist. Best of luck to you and I think it will really look good for you if you are planning on working there as a CNA.