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Hello everybody. I was wondering anybody from Jersey knew any hospitals that are acccepting volunteers. Preferably north eastern Jersey. Examples UMDNJ, St.Michael's, Clara Mass,etc. I just want to have some experience under my belt. I did volunteer in my local elementary school when I was taking medical assisting classes in hs. So technically in a way Im a medical assitant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great night.

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Have you tried contacting the volunteer services offices in the facilities you are interested in volunteering for? You do understand that volunteering in a hospital setting is most often assisting at the information desk with visitor passes, perhaps delivering flowers or gifts that arrive at the hospital for patients. Positions in patient care units (perhaps fetching water for patients, wheeling discharges to the main entrance, etc.) are usually reserved for senior (time served not age) volunteer that have proven their reliability and ability to function in the role of a volunteer without deviation. The fact that you have experience medical assisting won't really have too much relevance to a hospital volunteer program as this is a support role not a direct patient care role.

Usually when you call the facility main number you'll have an option to be transferred to the volunteer services office. You can also check the facility websites to find their volunteer service requirements. A quick google search found this: Volunteer Services NJ New Jersey at Clara Maass Medical Center New Jersey and The University Hospital, Newark, NJ

Good luck

I volunteered as a pharm tech'ish position at Valley during Highschool, fun times. I hope you don't expect some sort of Nurse type of volunteer with patinet interaction, ain't happening.

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