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I don't recall seeing this on any of the boards so I hope I am posting it in the right place..........One thing I really want to do, once I am licensed,(just graduated) is go on a medical missions... Read More

  1. by   OCNurse86
    I've been blessed to be able to have traveled several different times doing medical mission work. I have traveled with the organization, Health Talents International, several times. The trips I've been on were before and after I graduated and became a licensed nurse. Some organizations do require you to have experience before you travel with them. But there are many organizations that allow people without a medical degree to come and help doing some of the 'non-medical' related things. The first trip I ever went on was before I started nursing school, and I helped manage sanitizing the medical equipment that was being used during the surgeries.

    Good luck with all that you have done and continue to do!
  2. by   Littlewonder
    Hello from Zanzibar... from a nurse working with a humanitarian aide organization that does many different projects, I see often the educational side of things is more important than actual "nursing" actions over here. Example, the organization I am with has an orphanage in Kenya - they have had three babies die this last year from issues that even the "greenest" new grad could have prevented with some basic health education to the workers. (And this orphanage has been begging for a nurse to come for a month and help teach the workers for a long time now with no takers... anyone interested PM me!?) I find that the bulk of what I do here in Zanzibar is teaching people about their chronic illnesses and ways to take care of themselves. The doctors here mainly tell them, "don't drink ice water." Yup, when my asthma gets really bad, I find that avoiding ice water is the way to go... WHAT!? No kidding, education can save so many lives - and you don't even have to go with a specific medical missions group to do it.
  3. by   froyoaddict
    Hi Little Wonder,

    Can you PM me with more info about the mission trips you've been on? I'm a current student and would love to go on a mission trip before I start working since I know it won't be easy to take work off during my first year


  4. by   jeyre1847
    I haven't read this whole thread, so I'm sorry if this has already been covered. I'm a senior nursing student and graduate in May. I'm looking at mission programs, but I'm not sure where yet. Also, before I start working would be great (and look good on a resume), but I'm not sure if I can do that.

    What are the normal requirements for language? I would like to go on a trip that would allow me to learn a language, but I don't speak anything fluently enough to use it independently. I speak some German, Spanish and French (in that order) but I would like to learn more. I'm hoping that if I learned Spanish I could use it in my nursing practice. I've heard from friends who are translators that Spanish-speaking nurses in my area are incredibly valuable.

    I've also been trying to find non-religious programs. I'm Christian but a lot of the programs I've read about even scare me! On one website I had to agree with various Biblical doctrines to be considered, so I decided to look elsewhere, and here I am!

    Thanks for your help! I'm new here but I love this website!
  5. by   MaryEMT
    You can try the Jesuit volunteer corps. They have both a national and international program. They have various placements but one of my community members was an RN and requested that her volunteer position be as an RN and that worked out. While they have the four values which I think aren't too religion specific they are not super crazy about pushing the values. You mostly form what you like your volunteer experience to be (after placement) so its not forced upon you! You would also be eligible for Americorps benefits and get great experience and it would look good and be fairly recognizable on a resume!

    The link for domestic and foreign programs:

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  6. by   Jlynlew
    I just went to Bolivia with Medical Ministries International. We did surgeries and ran clinics daily. I know they have groups travel around the world. I just graduated in May and left for Bolvia in July. I did pass my boards before I left but wasn't licensed yet and also had no experience. Though overwhelming, the experienc was fantastic and wouldn't trade it for the world. Check it
  7. by   MaryEMT
    I just went to Ecuador with MMI, it was fantastic!! I highly recommend it!
  8. by   AutumninDiego
    Littlewonder from Zanzibar:

    I'm really interested in doing something like this. I know it's been awhile since you've posted this, but are you/they still looking for volunteers?