Looking for opportunities to volunteer overseas.

  1. I'm graduating in May and am interested in eventually going on a mission type trip to provide medical assistance overseas, preferably in Africa. Anyone know where I can get information on doing this or know of any reputable organizations? I've searched the internet but there are thousands of organizations and I don't know where to start.

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  3. by   zacarias
    Try looking up Operation Smile, and Doctors without Borders.

    You should have two years nursing experience before volunteering abroad.
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    I would guess that most of those 'organisations' you found on the internet want you to pay to volunteer?
    It is difficult finding real volunteer opportunities direct with NGOs/charities etc.
    With your skills it would be madness to pay big money to volunteer.

    www.missionfinder.org (Global)
    www.cmmb.org (Global)
    www.idealist.org (Global)

    www.f-h-n.org (Ecuador)
    www.aktenamit.org (Guatemala)
    www.volunteersouthamerica.net (South America)

  7. by   -Midget-
    Doctors w/o Borders looks amazing! I checked that out a few months ago...the stories were really cool!
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    i have just noticed that the missionfinder site i posted earlier is down.
    the url is correct - it is a good site, hopefully back soon.
    i guess that not even god gets 24hr uptime...

    mission finder: classified directories of christian missions ... classified links and lists for short term and medical missions, vocational and professional missions, missions for medical students and retirees, ...
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    Check with the hosptial you are employed with they may have opportunities to recomend you for a volunteering position. Another place to check with is Smile Train they are often looking for volunteers.
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    Quote from stevemc
    I guess that not even God gets 24hr uptime...


    Stevie, since you are in the UK, perhaps you might know of specific volunteerism in Ireland? I am refering to categories in volunteering or perhaps you could recommend an Agency? It has always been my dream to go to Ireland and perhaps the most feasible is to volunteer for a couple of months.
  11. by   stevemc
    Kids Worldwide (A good organisation IMO) have a medical volunteer program in Ghana which is definitely worth a look:

    I know more about volunteering in S. America than in my own back yard,
    if I hear of anything I'll drop you a line.

  12. by   canaryel
    Thanks for those links Steve!
  13. by   ErinRNBSN
    I would like to volunteer, but can not afford to get there. If you come across a program that will send you, but it not too expensive, I would love to offer my nursing services! I love nursing and want to help people, please post if anyone finds cheap opportunities to help! Thanks
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    steve, so you have that site for volunteers in south america.. do you know any that take families? i work like to possibly work as a nurse for a week or two but i would love to give me son the experience. ive checked out a couple of those sites but they rarily say.