1. When I first began nursing school my biggest motivator was the idea that eventually I would be able to travel overseas and share my skills/knowledge with others. I've been working as a critical care RN for a year now and realize that in order to pursue this goal, I need to be proactive about it.

    I have begun researching various organizations online and attended a couple fundraisers for various groups however I am not sure exactly how to get involved. Could any of you provide information about how you became involved with medical mission work, the costs/fees involved, the organizations you traveled with or just share your experience with me?

    I am most interested in this point in traveling to Africa however I would go wherever there is a need.
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  3. by   ladycool
    Hi Jbeachgrl, PM nipa, he should be able to help you b/c he started a mission to Africa thread here last yr and was looking for volunteers to go to Ghana West Africa.

    I hope this help!
  4. by   AliRae
    I'm currently in Liberia, settling in to life on board a hospital ship committed to bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor of West Africa. PM me if you want info.

    I could talk about Africa forever. =)
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  5. by   suzanne4
    Be aware that most NGOs require two years of experience before they will accept you.

    There are missions available from churches as well that may not require as much experience, but it will be more beneficial to the people that are being served if you have adequate experience.

    Make sure that you find out everything about the agency before you sign up with them.
  6. by   Mission360
    Sorry can't PM. Very interested please write back. I hav been on several medical mission trips including Africa. I am in nursing school now and when I finish that is what I will do. It is my passion and my call.