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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has taken the Fundamentals of Nursing Class at Long Beach City College? I would like to take it next semester as a prerequisite for their LVN Program along with the VN 225 - Nursing Applications of Pharmacology. I am concerned because the fundamentals class is 6 units and the pharmacology class is 3 units and I would like to still be able to work part-time. Were the classes difficult?

hi sweatpea23

I took VN215 and pharmacology prior to entering the VN program too.

VN215 is a CNA course. You will be assigned clinic days where you have to go to the hospital and provide basic care to patients (elderly patients). Everything from combing their hair to bed baths. I took this class over the summer and because it was a 6 unit class, we met 4 days a week. If you take this class in the fall or spring semester, i believe you only go to the hospital once a week and meet 1-2 days a week for lecture. Since I took it over the summer, this course did take up a good portion of my week, but i still had plenty of time to work my 20-30hr part time job. I think you can handle it:). Its nice too because it doesnt require much studying. A lot of your exams are common sense. Your focus will be mostly on the skills you perform at the hospital.

Pharmacology is a 3 unit class, but DOES require a good amount of your study time. There are also drug cards that you need to write out for homework, quizzes, exams etc. Its a lot of memorization but if you put in the work, this class will be very helpful once you start the VN program.

I worked a part time job while taking pre-reqs and even during the VN program. It can become stressful at times, but its not impossible.

Hope this helped :)

Thanks. Do you take VN 220 the semester after?

Yep. You can actually take it at anytime, but its recommended it be the LAST pre-req you take. The majority of the students picked for the program are selected from VN220 classes. If you're enrolled in VN220 and you've completed all of your pre-reqs, you are pretty much guaranteed entry the following semester to the program. Don't forget to take Bio60 too! :)

Goodluck :) !!

Hi sorry I have another question. Where did you do clinicals at for the CNA class?

When i took the class we had 2 locations. Bixby towers (off of atlantic), and Colonial care center (on cherry). Both are long term care facilities.

Thanks, what about the clinicals for the LVN program?

There are several. Colonial care center, pacific hospital, childrens memorial, los alamitos medical center, saint marys medical center, VA hospital, kaiser ... to name a few. :)


I took the CNA class and the pharmacology class together during summer school. It was doable. I got a B for Pharmacology, but that's not too bad since half the class dropped :/. Anyway, the two classes were doable. As mentioned, the CNA class is pretty basic stuff. You don't really have to do a lot of studying time it's all about being in class/clinicals. So, all your studying should be dedicated to Pharmacology. I actually took Pharmacology online so that worked well as far as my schedule with CNA. It's not soo bad.

Good luck.

Hi, any recent graduates at LBCC?

I am interested in the program, but the only pre req I have is a current CNA license. I still need to take bio-60, pharmacology and VN220. Is it possible for one to take all three classess during summer course? The program admission is in aug. I was hoping to either take equivalent classes online or at the campus. Also, I've read that 75% of first time LBCC students have a chance to make it into the program in the lottery system.

Anyone know the job placement rate at LBCC? Thank you

I am also thinking about attempting to do these three classes at the same time. Did you end up taking them during the summer?

No, I took chemistry as a prereq for east los angeles trifecta science course this fall. While I'm working towrd my rn pre reqs , I'm also applying to a rop lvn program.

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