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  1. kayemgee

    Compact state RN license with previous DUI?

    No not yet. I'm trying to find out if I'm even eligible because of the misdemeanor.
  2. kayemgee

    Compact state RN license with previous DUI?

  3. 5 years ago I got a DUI. It is the only thing on my record and has since been expunged. I have been able to get a single state RN license in AZ and NM but am considering travel nursing and was wondering if I would ever qualify for a multi-state license with my past misdemeanor. Has anyone successfully gotten a multi-state license with a previous conviction?
  4. kayemgee

    east la college - trifecta Anatomy

    I'm currently on the waitlist for the trifecta option. Did you end up taking the trifecta program? I'm still trying to decide if this is the best option for me.
  5. kayemgee

    Citrus College LVN Program

    Does anyone have any up to date information on the LVN program. I am getting ready to take Nurs 100 and would love to talk to someone that has taken the class recently!
  6. kayemgee

    VN215 Fundamentals of Nursing @ LBCC

    I am also thinking about attempting to do these three classes at the same time. Did you end up taking them during the summer?