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In Honor of Nurses Appreciation Week

A virtual nurse's survival kit

Lifesavers - to remind you of the many times you've helped others

Snickers - to remind you that laughter is the best medicine

Candle - a remembrance of Florence, and all those 11-7 shifts

Tissue - to dry those tears - yours and other's

Starburst - for that burst of energy you'll need at the end of the day

Button - to remind you that sometimes you must button your lip

Lollipop - to help you lick everyone's problems

Marbles - to replace the ones you lost when they "capped" you

Hand Lotion - to remind you that you too need a little TLC

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And a recoding of "The Theme from Mission Impossible" for all those short staffed shifts and incorrigable co-workers:nurse: and doctors:nono:

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Thank you for this idea! I made up 10 kits with help of our marketing rep; 5 for my RN Staff and 5 for Nsg Mgmt of my homecare agency who get no fluffs. Added the sentiment of a shiny penny for Good Luck!

Printed the message on card stock and tucked it into our agency blank cards. The VP of Nursing called "No one ever gives me gifts, just complaints." CEO thanked me at meeting---everyone called. RN Educator was profuse as Nurse Week means so much to both of us. Nurse Day was celebrated seperate from Colleague day as several RN's complained last year. VP said she appreciated it more as not a fluff person and grafteful I am.

Educator and I agree to do this for entire 75+ nursing staff with Clinical Managers writing hand written notes to staff for next year---the personal touch means sooooo much.

Top off week--got Pizza and Strawberry shortcake for my intake staff---great way to top off this week.


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thanks for this idea, I made up 50 bags for our busy 49 bed Med-Surg unit and most loved them.



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That is very, very cute :)

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