Where have all the LPN programs gone?

  1. I have been going through the list of schools posted here and so far none of the schools I have called still offer the LPN program. Are there any schools in the Hampton Roads area that still offer practical nursing?
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  3. by   HeatherMax
    Ok so it seems that Riverside still offers it as well as Thomas Nelson. Are there any others?
  4. by   ghamilt1
    You can also look at Sentera and MCI, but be proactive when selecting a school. There are some schools that are way too expensive that are not going to offer you all the benefits you can receive a another school.

    Programs range from $10,000 - $30,000 for the same exact training to ultimatly sit for the NCLEX exam. In the end do you want to be paying a hefty student loan bill or making money???
  5. by   HeatherMax
    I looked into MCI a long time ago when I was thinking about going RN, it is way too much money for me, plus with an active duty husband and 3 small kids I dont think I could keep up with that pace. I am waiting for more information about a program offered by the adult ed center, but I dont know if it is a LPN program or a CNA.
  6. by   whodatnurse
    Just make sure the hospitals where you might want to work are still hiring LPNs and also check with them to be sure they don't have plans to phase them out. You may be better off trying to find a hospital that will hire you and train you as a tech.
  7. by   Graduate2010
    Quote from HeatherMax
    I have been going through the list of schools posted here and so far none of the schools I have called still offer the LPN program. Are there any schools in the Hampton Roads area that still offer practical nursing?

    NO...all LPN programs are not gone. Sentara nolonger has an LPN prgoram. Riverside Medical Practical Nurse program, Virginia beach technical education center, Norfolk technical education center, MCI, Portsmouth --Clarke Academy, Centura, Fortis College (formelry VCI) and New Horizons REgional Education Center in Hampton (I just graduated from). Some schools are more expensive than others. However, keep in mind that this should be a beginning. Once you achieve your LPN do you have plans to continue? Sentara is becoming magnet which means all RN's will be BSN's. I haven't heard about Chesapeake General or Depual, Maryview yet. I'm sure eventually they will follow suit. I hope this helps.

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  8. by   HeatherMax
    I had planned on going to Portsmouth, but they no longer offer LPN. I am disappointed, it was a great price and very close to my home. I am still waiting to hear back from VA Beach and Norfolk, and have an appointment to tour Riverside tomorrow. I just hope I can find a program that will work for me and with my family responsibilities.
  9. by   Bob_N_VA
    I'm in the E/W RN program at Riverside. The LPN program is doing very well here. Its a one year full time days program start to finish. Lots of clinical time at the hospital. I think you will be impressed. They do hire their own graduates, especially at the non critical care facilities.
  10. by   HeatherMax
    I was very impressed with Riverside, I think I am going to apply!
  11. by   tlc2u
    My advice -- start job searching for LPN jobs to see if there are many LPN jobs available in your state or area. Also are most of the LPN job postings looking for 1 yr. of LPN experience.
    I do not have experience working as an LPN and have been looking for an LPN job since January in my state and area but most of the job postings say 1 yr. LPN experience required some say 1 yr. experience preferred. I have applied to all of them with only 3 calls and 2 interviews and no job yet.

    Also I have just read posts on allnurses of RN's in NC, I think, accepting LPN jobs while they are continuing to look for an RN job.

    No offense to those RN's but if RN's are taking LPN jobs then what is an LPN to do. I don't live in NC but maybe that is what is happening in my state too. I called a ltc facility recently and was told they were hiring LPN's I applied and got an interview only to find out the position did not actually require an LPN it could be filled with a Med Tech or CNA.
    I don't mean to discourage you but only to enlighten you to the reality of what nursing jobs are available for LPN's. Check for yourself where you live I am sure it is different in every state.
    You might also look at RN job postings to see if there are more of those than LPN and if they are specifying BSN. I think in order to know what to do in terms of education you need to know what the job market holds.
    Whatever you do while you are in school work as a CNA in facilities you might want to work in later or get to know the nurses at your clinical facilities etc. make any contacts and get names, numbers, email anything that might help you get a job somewhere in the future. I didn't know getting a job would be this difficult and I was so focused on just trying to make it through school I didn't do this and now feel it might have been helpful.