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Hi everyone! So i just got accepted to Shenandoah University's accelerated BSN program and I am very excited! I am from California so Virginia is a long way away but I am looking to live in another... Read More

  1. by   jmb12
    Thanks Bokerglory for your help! I spoke to admissions counselor, and she mentioned for out-of-state students it is more convenient for them to live in Winchester instead of Leesburg. Anyone know any good suggestions on where to live ? I want to live close to the health professional building. Also anyone attending for Fall 2012 at Winchester campus and/or coming from CA as well?
  2. by   njgreen1
    I just recently got accepted into the ABSN program too! I will be moving from North Dakota! Does anyone know what they are going to do about their housing situation? I am planning on living on campus, but if anyone is looking for a roommate, I'd be interested!
  3. by   qselby
    hi njgreen1!
    i will be attending su this fall for the absn program too! i am interested in a roommate. i live in dc and recently went to visit the campus. i asked around and got a refferal to pine burke realty. here is the link i called and mr. burke said that he has some properties that are about 1 mile from su. i am ready to get serious about securing a place to live. please email me at i hope to hear from you or anyone else who might have an interest very soon!
  4. by   Jwtanner
    I have! I will starting the long drive out there about August 12th and couldn't be more excited to start the program. I am attending the July 6th orientation which is the first time I will be seeing the campus and also have some housing visits lined up for that weekend. Nothing locked down yet though. How about you? You can email me @ I hardly ever check this forum.
  5. by   emmybear1985
    Hi Everyone!

    I am also going to be going to SU this fall for the ASD! I currently live in Herndon, VA (near Dulles airport), but I lived in Ashburn, VA for 2 years. I am very familiar with the area, if anyone needs advice on where to live. I guess the address for the campus is technically Leesburg, but I think it's closer to Ashburn. It's definitely on the boarder and if you are looking for an apt, I'd suggest closer to Ashburn than Leesburg if the clinicals are out in Fair Oaks. Leesburg (depending on how far out you go) is kind of far from most things. The first apartment I lived in the Ashburn area was probably a mile away from the SU campus. It was called Saddle Ridge by Equity Apartments. It was an OK place to live, a little bit of an older place, but the floor plans were nice and big and the apt was kept up pretty well. I have a friend that also lives in an apartment very close to the campus. I believe her apt is called the Landsdown Camden. It seems like a nice place and the rent is decent.

    I'll also be at the July 6th orientation. I've never seen the Winchester campus before, but the Leesburg campus seems very nice and new.

    Good luck to everyone that is transplanting - I'm happy to help in any way I can.

  6. by   MZZZ1
    Hi everyone! I will be attending Leesburg campus am still looking for a place to live , so far the places I looked at are all pretty expensive, if any of you are still looking for a roommate or have any advice please share! =)

    Thank you!
  7. by   MZZZ1
    Hi! I am looking for housing in Leesburg area too! did you find anything?
  8. by   AmesRT6510
    Hey, Just curious to those of you accepted. What was your GPA? Do you feel like it is a competitive program?
  9. by   Singingbird812
    Hey! So I just found out I was accepted to the program starting in January and was wondering what everyone had found out about housing in Leesburg. Does the school help in any way or are students on their own? Anyone have any ideas of where to live?

    As for AmesRT6510's question, I had a 3.2 GPA for the prerequisites and and 3.6 total for my previous degree.

    I hope everyone is doing well!
  10. by   apham112
    Hi everyone!

    I just recently found out I was accepted into the Spring ASD program also. I attended the open house, and from my knowledge, SU doesn't help with the housing. They suggested the nursing program for students at Winchester if they wanted on-campus housing. I am actually from MD, and will be looking for apartments. Does anyone have any suggestions to where to look for apartments?
  11. by   silenced
    Quote from AmesRT6510
    Hey, Just curious to those of you accepted. What was your GPA? Do you feel like it is a competitive program?
    I've emailed Shenandoah admissions about this; the average GPA of incoming accelerated BSN students is a 3.5! Hope that helps!
  12. by   AmesRT6510
  13. by   rbfrisk
    I'm a little late to the party, but I was recently accepted to the ABSN program for Fall 2013. My 1st degree GPA was 2.8 but my prerequisite gpa is 4.0 and I score a 97% (99% tile) on the TEAS. I sent my initital application in late November, fall grades were sent mid-December, and I got a verbal acceptance in early January. My acceptance letter came in February. (provisional - based on satisfactory completion of all pre-reqs)