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  1. Online PMHNP programs

    I am applying to online PMHNP programs and wondering which ones you have loved and which ones you have hated. Any specific experience with Hawaii Pacific University would be greatly appreciated! TIA
  2. Shenandoah University Accelerated BSN

    I have! I will starting the long drive out there about August 12th and couldn't be more excited to start the program. I am attending the July 6th orientation which is the first time I will be seeing the campus and also have some housing visits lined ...
  3. Shenandoah University Accelerated BSN

    So are there any current SU students that are still using this forum??
  4. Shenandoah University Accelerated BSN

    Hey Shamrock, Small world but I am from the Bay Area as well and just got accepted into the SU ABSN program for fall 2012. Have you decided on schools yet? Maybe we could share information. I am super excited for a new place and to finally be done wi...