1. I'm looking for a really good orientation program as I will be a new graduate. Any information will be gladly appreciated.
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  3. by   Jules Anne
    I accepted a position at Sentara on a cardiac stepdown unit and will have 12 weeks orientation. Search the website and apply for any positions that appeal to you. Their recruiters are very nice and will contact you quickly to set up interviews where you can ask all your questions. GL!
  4. by   al7139
    I am a new grad and work at Leigh on the Tele/med unit. I love it! At Leigh and all Sentara hospitals, the orientation is 10-12 weeks long. 2 are spent in classes, and the other weeks on the unit with a preceptor. They are very thorough and make sure you have the competency to be on your own before they turn you loose.
    One thing I like about Leigh as opposed to Norfolk General or Va Beach General is that since it's a small hospital, you know everyone, and it's a really close knit community. The staff are great and understanding and helpful to new nurses. You don't really get that at the bigger hospitals, even though they are good hospitals. I have had a great experience here as a new grad. Even the MD's are mostly good about welcoming newbies.
    Any choice you make is good. All Sentara hospitals have the same length orientation, and it helped me be ready to take patients on my own.
  5. by   iToniai
    Thank you all for replying, I will speak with a recruiter soon.
  6. by   cabkim
    Sentara offers diverse new grad orientatation. There are several externships offered and in med surg they offer a 2 week structured classroom orientation and a 8 week floor orientation which is tailored to meet your need.