RN program at MCI in Richmond

  1. Is the RN program at MCI really $80,000?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Good grief ... if so, that should be illegal. Seriously.
  4. by   lauralauranurse

    i don't know if it's that much, BUT my friend graduated from their LPN program and said it cost $25,000.00!!!!! which, i think is insane. she said it covered "everything" -- like books, uniforms, lab fees, etc. .. but still. that's crazy.

    so i figured if the LPN program costs that much, then i'm sure the RN is at least double that .. so probably about $50,000.00?? ridiculous!

    i think my LPN program cost $5,000? maybe?

    and the RN program that i'm about to start i think will total to be approx. $10,000.00 (southside regional medical ctr. - school of nursing) -- which i think is pricey, but ..sigh .. worth it!

    but i don't know what MCI thinks they're doing ..
  5. by   tiffdeandre
    was it hard to get into southside regional and did u get financial aid. also what pre reqs did u take before u applied. thanks
  6. by   delvenia
    I graduate from MCI in VIrginia Beach on 4/30/09. The program here and in Richmond was just increased to about $34k for the RN (ADN)...
  7. by   tiffdeandre
    Quote from delvenia
    I graduate from MCI in VIrginia Beach on 4/30/09. The program here and in Richmond was just increased to about $34k for the RN (ADN)...
    was the rn program hard and what were the hours for the day class?
  8. by   lauralauranurse
    $34,000 is insane to me, still! good gracious ..

    about SRMC -

    i need to have: two semesters of english, a math course, microbiology, anatomy and physiology (2 semesters), nutrition, speech, and medical terminology i think?

    all the prerequisites are listed on srmconline.com's website under the nursing program info., i think.

    the program will be challenging, of course, like any nursing program, but i have a good feeling about it and i think the instructors are very good.

    we'll see..

    i start monday! ahhh! so scared!
  9. by   Nelle84
    i graduated from their MA program which was $23,000!
    $80,000?? sheeessshh!!!! lol
  10. by   focusedvalpn
    when i was thinking of getting my rn last year it was 39,000 might as well say 40,000
  11. by   hopeful10
    I am in there LPN program now. I was originally going to do the Rn there...It's $34,500
  12. by   Cathylady
    Where is MCI?
  13. by   tiffdeandre
    what are the hours and days in the lpn program? also did they tell u what the hours and days would be in the RN program? thanks
  14. by   koolau
    I did the day program for LPN and the schedule was 8 - 430 for normal classes, and 630 - 3 for clinicals during weekdays.

    The night program goes 530 - 10 during the weeknights, and clinicals sat/sun 630 - 3 I believe.

    Then of course you get random days off depending on what mod you're in. Towards the end of the program I only had school 4 days a week.

    Hope this helps.